Thursday, July 31, 2014

All Spoilers All the Time

The 38 Most Absolutely Absurd Things That Happen In "Sharknado 2"


Deb said...

Only 38? Why not recap the entire movie?

Oh, wait...

Unknown said...

I'm surprised there weren't more, myself.

Anonymous said...

1. How do they know Fin has never flown a plane before? I didn't hear anything about that either way.

2. In a film about sharks being sucked into swirling funnels of mother nature, seeing Andy Dick as a cop is still the least believable thing imaginable.

I believe I said pretty much the same thing this morning.

3. Comatose April wakes up with a full face of makeup.

I commented on this several times last night.

4. The kid buiying napalm-in-a-can at the corner bodega was one of my favorite moments.

5. April's buzz saw hand was my other favorite part. Just brilliant.

6. I wonder about that one too: April's hand got bitten off at the wrist, yet when Fin pulled it out of the dead shark it had the forearm attached.

This article was great. It made me appreciate the movie even more.


Unknown said...

Comatose April WBAGNFARB.

Anonymous said...

Where is my comment?

I hate BLogger.


Michael E. Stamm said...

I watched the last half of SHARKNADO 2 (hey, everything else worth watching was a rerun), and I think at least 38 absolutely absurd things happened in the last 17 minutes alone. The total for the whole movie must've been in the hundreds.

Unknown said...

Obviously I need to see this.