Thursday, July 31, 2014

Eight of the greatest film noirs

Eight of the greatest film noirs

Annoying slideshow (and not all of them are noir by my definition)


Ed Gorman said...

I agree with you that most of them aren't noir. If you stick to a somewhat strict definition I'd say only Double Indemnity really qualifies.

Unknown said...

That's what I was thinking, Ed. I'm willing to give a little, but some of these don't squeak in even at that.

Mike Dennis said...

THE MALTESE FALCON: A hard-boiled private eye film, not noir.

THE BIG SLEEP: aka THE BIG YAWN, full of cutesy Hollywood dialogue.

TOUCH OF EVIL: good, moody noir, but Charlton Heston as a Mexican??

THE BIG COMBO: Good noir, but not one of the very greatest.

LAURA: Clifton Webb is annoying as usual, and you take away the song, what do you have?

DRIVE: I actually like this one, but it's not in the top tier.

Unknown said...

You have to wonder about the people who make these lists.