Monday, July 04, 2011

Cell Phone Update

It seems like only yesterday that I was telling you about my new cell phone. Oh, wait. It was only yesterday. Now that we've returned from the big homecoming that we attended, I have an update.

The reason I bought the cell phone was that in Judy's old hometown, we don't have access to the Internet. I figured that I'd use the phone for that. When I shopped for the phone, I asked the Verizon rep if I could get data coverage in the 76687 area code. She looked it up on the Internet and assured me that I could. "Not 4G coverage," she said, "but you can get full 3G coverage. You can surf the 'Net, watch videos, and everything." I asked if she was sure. She even went to the actual street address and showed me the full coverage picture on the map.

I was sold, so I bought the phone. Once again, however, my trusting nature has led me to disaster. Not only could I not surf the 'Net or watch videos, I couldn't even make a phone call. Well, I could do all those things for about 10 seconds. After that, the service went away. Now and then it would return, but not for long.

It's very annoying to be misled by someone, even though I'm sure the rep wasn't at fault. Like me, she believed Verizon. There's a lesson to be learned here. Too bad I probably won't learn it.


Anonymous said...

You mean the Verizon lady misled you? I'm shocked.

Actually, we've had pretty good customer service from Verizon. But then, we live in Brooklyn...


Cap'n Bob said...

They a;lways lie. You ought to call up the service rep and raise holy hell.

Stephen B. said...

Shocked - shocked! to hear that we still can't trust many of the major cellphone carriers. I believe some people really want or need Internet or 4Generation (4G) coverage with their device or phone, but it comes with a cost - when it does work.