Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Alameda Leads the Way

Cringe at the World’s Largest Hamburger at the Alameda County Fair: "About a month ago, Inside Scoop brought word of the Alameda County Fair’s plan to construct the monstrosity that is the world’s largest hamburger.

Over the weekend, they made the dream a reality, thereby adding giant hamburger-building to the Fourth of July traditions of gorging on hot dogs for television and blowing stuff up.

The final burger, per the AP, clocked in at 777 pounds total, which is way more than the planned 625."

Hat tip to Art Scott.

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Brian Drake said...

I live in Alameda County; the fairgrounds are only a few blocks away. Yes, I was there. Yes, it was amazing. Yes, you are sorry you were not there. Maybe next time.