Wednesday, July 06, 2011

The 10 biggest movie flops of 2011 (so far)

The 10 biggest movie flops of 2011 (so far)


Joan Reeves said...

Of all of those, the only one I'd actually have paid money to see was Green Lantern because I have a soft spot for the venerable comics hero, and I like Ryan Reynolds.

However, I don't see many movies lately. I fear I'm becoming curmudgeonly because the high ticket prices, higher snack prices, and the idiots texting and phoning in the theater just irritate me.

Anonymous said...

I saw a couple of previews for THE BEAVER (and the hype) but didn't even realize it had opened. I'm glad (not surprised) it tanked.

As for ARTHUR, who thought that was a good idea? The same people who remade THE IN-LAWS?

I told George that GREEN LANTERN would fail. Unfortunately, it won't stop them from even more comic book movies. I like Ryan Reynolds but he should go back to the movies he does well.


Todd Mason said...

Well, how much of an audience is there for a film about the interpretive dance a young woman fantasizes about doing to defeat villains as she's actually being repeatedly raped by staff and paying clients in a mental hospital (SUCKER PUNCH)?

Deb said...

A couple of those movies (for instance, PROM) had such low production budgets that they broke even, but the perception is that they were bombs because they failed to meet expectations at the box office.

On the other hand, I just read that Woody Allen's latest movie (which has grossed less than 30 million thus far) is his highest-grossing movie ever. I suppose box office expectations for his movies are not very high.

Rick said...

Actually Deb, HANNAH AND HER SISTERS had a so-called "lifetime" gross (includes any rerelease) of just over 40 million dollars.
MIDNIGHT IN PARIS is on track to come close, apparently; but given the increases in ticket purchase price, MIP current grosses won't approach HANNAH's take adjusted to 1980s dollars