Wednesday, July 06, 2011

A Very Interesting Discussion -- Check it Out

Top Suspense Group: INSIDE TOP SUSPENSE: SEX: "It’s gonna to be a long, hot summer, and you’re probably wondering how you’ll get through it. What do you think about when the nights are hot and heavy, it’s impossible to move without sweating, and the smell of someone's perfume or aftershave hangs in the air? Well, if you’re INSIDE TOP SUSPENSE, you think about sex.

So that’s our topic this time. How do you mix sex, murder, and suspense? Do they go together at all? When you write sex do you close the door and cut to the next scene? Or do you give readers all the details? Top Suspense gives you our opinions, starting with the Mistress of Erotic Suspense, Vicki Hendricks. You'll also hear from Lee Goldberg, Ed Gorman, and Naomi Hirahawa."

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Cap'n Bob said...

I lived my life under the spell of those elements. As in, "The suspense is killing me. Will I ever have sex again?"