Saturday, May 21, 2011

Politics in Kelley Country

TPMDC: "The national Chamber of Commerce is using misleading quotes from the local Tonawanda News in a TV ad to suggest the paper backs Republican Jane Corwin in the NY-26 election, according to the paper. Upset with what they claim is an intentionally phony endorsement, the newspaper's editors are demanding that the Chamber pull the TV ad and that Corwin's campaign disavow it."


George said...

This special election has turned into a slugfest. The 26th District is the most conservative in NY State, yet the Republican candidate, millionaire Jane Corwin, is trailing the Democratic candidate and the Tea Party candidate. The reason: Corwin's early TV commercials touted the "Ryan Plan" to disembowel Medicare. Now, all Corwin's aids talk about her "strong support" of Medicare. But, it might be to late for her.

Anonymous said...

This district is so conservative they voted for Carl Paladino, yet this dingbat is losing.

You have to love it.