Wednesday, May 18, 2011


A. Merritt, Seven Footprints to Satan, Avon, 1950


Mel Odom said...

Love this cover. Haven't seen it before.

Dan_Luft said...

Did he write a book called something along the lines of "Sons of the Cave Bear?" I read a book back in the early 80s that was loosely adapted into a Conan comic. I found a used copy of the paperback (with a green cover and a guy with a beard shooting a bow) and liked it.

I thought that this was A Merrit but this was a long time ago, the paperback is gone and I don't know who in my family still owns the comic. And I can't really remember.

Fred Blosser said...

Dan, that was SONS OF THE BEAR-GOD by Norvell Page, originally published in UNKNOWN, reprinted by Berkley Books. One of two long novellas about a character named Prester John, other being FLAME WINDS, both adapted by Roy Thomas as Conan comic stories.

This older Avon cover is a lot more eye-catching than the one on the later Avon reprint that I bought in 1963, a yellow devil's head silhouette against a black background, about the blandest cover design imaginable.

Bud said...

Love Merritt's stuff! Pretty florid, over the top prose, but somehow he and E. R. Burroughs could pull it off while others using the same style could not.
The old Avon covers were practically all keepers!