Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Robert Briffault, Europa, Avon, 1950


Todd Mason said...

A special kind of audience appeal, this. More widespread than we might be comfortable with, sometimes...(my own "quirks" don't have as much to do with pain...)

Michael E. Stamm said...

Fred Pohl compared Cordwainer Smith's early non-SF work to Briffault.

Interestingly, this cover art was also used for an early paperback of Merritt's SEVEN FOOTPRINTS TO SATAN (the image had nothing to do with anything in the novel, but it is eye-catching, innit?).

Todd Mason said...

And I'm definitely referring to the packaging, the paper/back, as it is.

Actually offputting, but it does catch the eye.

Todd Mason said...

Linebarger was a very odd duck. Famously mooted the possibility of awakening and beating their children, in conversation with his wife, so they would always remember the end of WW2. Even as a joke, particularly one he presumably repeated, a bit...um...offputting.

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