Saturday, December 18, 2010

Some Might Have Thought It Was Worth It

Bone marrow registry used "sexy scientist" models to get DNA swabs | "Caitlin Raymond International, a bone-marrow registry in New England, decided that the best way to get more DNA swabs — which would mean more potential donor matches in their records — would be to appeal to a man's libido. So they hired models, decked out in the 'sexy scientist' uniform of heels, short skirts, and lab coats, to approach men at malls and ballparks and flirt with them until they handed over the DNA goods. The only problem? They didn't exactly tell the guys what they were getting into.

The men knew they were signing up for the potential-bone-marrow-donor list, of course; I doubt even a sexy woman saying you'd be 'a hero' would convince a straight guy to give away his DNA without knowing why. But they didn't mention that the price of processing each swab — approximately $4,300 — would be charged against the men's insurance."


Anonymous said...

Did they use Denis Richards?

I bet Bill would have given her his DNA.


Anonymous said...


Bill Crider said...

I'd have done it no matter what name she used, but only if she'd posed as a nuclear physicist.

Deb said...

God, for $3,400, I expect most men would prefer to "donate" their DNA in a more primitive and fundamental fashion.