Friday, July 30, 2010

No Comment Department

Sci-Fi Burlesque Show of Penny Star Jr. Offers Full Frontal Nerdity: "A burlesque dancer in Los Angeles may be doing the impossible -- making science fiction sexy for folks who can't tell a Klingon from a Romulan or think the Watchmen are the folks who work at Rolex.

She's Penny Starr Jr. and for six years, she's teased and tempted sci-fi fans in Los Angeles and San Diego with a series of shows featuring sexy dancers doing bump-and-grind numbers while dressed up as an Orion slave girl from 'Star Trek,' Princess Leia from 'Star Wars' or even Uma Thurman's character from the 'Kill Bill' films.

Now the show is coming to DVD next month under the title 'Supernova A Go-Go Sci-Fi Burlesque Show,' which will give nerds obsessed with aliens a chance to see some bodies that are out of this world."

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Charles Gramlich said...

at Babel con in Baton Rouge they always have some Orion Slave girls dancing. these are local belly dancers.