Sunday, July 25, 2010

Fifty Ugliest Cars of the Past 50 Years

Fifty Ugliest Cars of the Past 50 Years: A Half-Century of Automotive Eyesores - BusinessWeek


Cap'n Bob said...

The VW Thing is made from the dyes for the Kubelwagon, a WWII Nazi equivalent of the American Jeep. There are a few in there that I'd argue aren't that bad, and there's a different Puegeot on my list.

Darren said...

In the late '70s, when I was in high school, I passed a local full-service gas station as I walked to school. Someone who worked at the station had an El Camino. It was yellow, with a full-size set of Texas longhorn horns on the hood and a Western scene (cowboy, horse, setting sun, cactus, etc.) airbrushed on both doors, some other scene airbrushed on the hood and the words "Cowboy Cadillac" stenciled under the driver's side window. Ugly? I thought it was sweet.