Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Maury Chaykin, R. I. P.

CBC News - Television - Actor Maury Chaykin dies at 61: "Maury Chaykin, a prolific and award-winning actor recently seen in the hit TV comedy Less Than Kind, has died.

The veteran actor died in Toronto early Tuesday, his 61st birthday, his agent Paul Hemrend told CBC News. No cause of death was confirmed, but Chaykin had been battling kidney problems.

Chaykin, born in Brooklyn, N.Y., to an American father and Canadian mother, studied drama at the State University of New York in Buffalo."

Link via The Rap Sheet.


David Cranmer said...

Sad to see this. A fine actor.

Toby O'B said...

Quite memorable in "Dances With Wolves" and his version of 'Nero Wolfe' deserved a wider audience....

Anonymous said...

I missed this. He went to my elementary and high school. I knew his brother Danny.

He was a year younger than me.




Brent McKee said...

I agree with Toby. His version of Nero Wolfe captured all of the qualities that we saw in the books, qualities that the William Conrad version of the character (with Lee Horsley as Archie Goodwin) never managed to grasp. I really loved that series and knew that A&E was dead when they canceled that show.

An excellent actor taken from us far too soon.

Anonymous said...

Though he did a better job at portraying Nero Wolfe than anyone before, every serious Stout fan I know had the same negative reaction to his worst trait. Once of twice in every episode we'd be yelling at Chaykin on screen, "Quit yelling!"
Art Scott

Todd Mason said...

However, the yelling helped his portrayal of Harvey Weinstein.

That is too young.