Sunday, February 14, 2010

A Storybook Marriage

Great story, great pics. Click the link.

A storybook marriage | Lifestyle/Features | - Houston Chronicle: "For a long time, the bond between McKenna Jordan and David Thompson was puzzling. Which is fitting. The couple met and fell in love at Murder By The Book, the mystery bookstore they now run.

They met on McKenna's first day of work, Jan. 11, 2003. David still remembers the date.

McKenna was 20, about to begin graduate school, and hired to work part-time on Saturdays. David, who'd been with the bookstore since 1987, was 31 and devoted to his job. He thought the new girl was smart. Pretty. But her attitude ...

“She initially, to me, gave off stuck-up airs,” says David, who moonlights as the publisher of Busted Flush Press."

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Scott Cupp said...

A truly nice article about two wonderful people.