Monday, February 15, 2010

I'm Strangely Comforted

From hypersexuality to sluggish cognitive tempo disorder: The excuses for being lazy in new psychiatrist's 'Bible' | Mail Online: "Lost the remote control and can't be bothered to get up to change the channel on the TV? Don't worry, you're not lazy, you simply have sluggish cognitive tempo disorder.
[. . . .]
Symptoms of sluggish cognitive tempo disorder include passiveness, dreaminess and sluggishness – traits that could easily be confused with laziness."


Rusty said...

"traits that could easily be confused with laziness" -- yes, I can see how it could happen. In fact, it has been happening to me for years, people judging me harshly because of my SCTD. I think it's about time we retired the "L" word, don't you?


Unknown said...

Absolutely, and I think we should have a telethon, too, if there's anybody with enough energy to organize it.