Sunday, February 14, 2010

Macbeth: the Sequel / Arts / Theatre & Dance - The aftermath of ‘Macbeth’: "How often do you leave a Shakespeare play wondering what happened next? Has Kate really been tamed by Petruchio? What will life be like in Fortinbras’s Denmark? The bard’s tidy endings often (and often deliberately) leave some loose threads.

The playwright David Greig couldn’t resist tugging at one of those threads and became so intrigued that he ended up writing a sequel. His new play for the Royal Shakespeare Company speculates on the aftermath of Macbeth. The Scottish “hell-hound” is dead but is peace established?"

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Deb said...

Based on Scottish history for the, oh, 500 or so years after Macbeth, I'd guess the answer to "Is peace established?" is "No."