Tuesday, February 16, 2010

No Comment Department

Celebrity chef Beppe Bigazzi upsets viewers with his cat casserole - Times Online: "A top Italian food writer has been suspended indefinitely from the country’s version of the television programme Ready Steady Cook for recommending stewed cat to viewers as a 'succulent dish.'"


Todd Mason said...

I hear that Modestly Proposed Irish Stew is quite tasty, too. Some years it comes a little light on potatoes, but you take the ginger with the black.

Carla Rocchi, from the Italian analog of ASPCA, is quite likely a cousin of mine. (That's "Roak-key.") Look for the PC calls to Lighten Up, It's Just a Joke, Ha Ha Ha, Hypersensitive Fur Heads, but the first borderline loon who begins skinning the local moggies for family din-din, and quite possibly poisons them doing so, is always good to have handy.

Fred Blosser said...

If he had suggested stewed dog, the cops probably would have found his cold body suspended indefinitely from a street light.