Saturday, February 20, 2010

Okay, This Stuff Is Really Getting Out of Hand

Atari's Missile Command, a potential Hollywood franchise | 24 Frames | Los Angeles Times: "Can squiggly lines be the new movie stars?

Not the ones on the face of an aging, plastic-surgeried celebrity, but those that threaten the the base cities in the vintage video game Missile Command. That's because Atari, which has been increasing its efforts to mine its video game library in Hollywood, has tapped Missile Command as a property ripe for a theatrical film.

The company is in active discussions with studios to acquire the title for development, with Fox and Peter Chernin's new production company the likely venue at which the property will end up."


Donna said...

Next up: Pong: The Movie (in 3D with surround sound)

Unknown said...

I'd laugh except that I suspect you're absolutely right.

Randy Johnson said...

Has anyone grabbed Space Invaders yet?

Stephen B. said...

Yes, it is out of hand! They have lots of new ideas every year and still we see the old, tired ones coming back!