Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Sleuths and Spurs

It's been six years since this article was published in January Magazine, and I'd almost forgotten about it until today when Larry Sweazy mentioned that he occasionally directed people to it. So I thought I'd link it just in case there were some of you who hadn't read it and might be interested. And Larry's guest blogging about cross-genre mysteries over at Meritorious Mysteries today if you'd like to take a look.


J. Kingston Pierce said...

Just to make it easier for readers to find that January Magazine article to which you refer, Bill, here's the URL:


The piece is called "Sleuths and Spurs," and it looks at western/crime fiction crossover novels. It's a very fine article, indeed.


Bill Crider said...

Drat. I thought I'd linked it in the post. Well, now I have.