Saturday, December 05, 2009

No Comment Department

BBC News - Library ban for 'pungent body odour' man: "Library officials in Leicestershire have banned a regular reader from their building following complaints about his 'pungent' body odour.

The council said they were forced to act as visitors left Wigston Library when Stuart Penman, 27, arrived.

Staff said they have advised him about his personal hygiene, but it had not improved after a year."


Laurie Powers said...

Boy, they'd really have a problem if they did that in the city of Los Angeles. Many homeless people hang out at the libraries during the day. They can get out of the elements, feel safe, and even get on the Internet if they so wish. It's a pretty safe bet that a lot of them can't bathe regularly.

Unknown said...

I knew someone who worked in a library in L.A. She had some great stories.