Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Everything, Including the Kitchen Sink

News of the Weird: Carry-on items confiscated include nunchucks, baby alligator - The York Daily Record: "Thousands of airline passengers continue to attempt to bring prohibited carry-on items on board. The New York Post reported in September that the Transportation Security Administration had confiscated 123,000 items so far this year from just the three main airports serving New York City. Included were 43 explosives, 1,600 knives, a 10-point deer antler, several fire extinguishers, a tree branch, nunchucks, a grill, a baby alligator, 'unwashed adult toys,' a gassed-up chain saw and a kitchen sink."

1 comment:

Kevin Murphy said...

I could bear anything but not an unwashed adult toys, just too creepy.