Monday, November 30, 2009

Pat Novak, For Hire

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This is a favorite series of a lot of people. Jack Webb is great in it. Check out an episode or two for some of the wackiest similes in radio.


Anonymous said...

Pure hardboiled dynamite!

Bill Khemski

Anonymous said...

My favorite Novakism: "She was as slick as a pound of liver in a bucket of warm glycerin."
Art Scott

Anonymous said...

At times, even Chandler couldn't write better. Here's one I remember:

"She stood leaning there for a minute, sort of a girl who moves when she stands still. She had blonde hair. She was kind of pretty, except you could see somebody had used her badly, like a dictionary in a stupid family."

Bill Khemski

Brian Drake said...

Did Jack Webb ever do anything that wasn't terrific? Novak is a good show, for sure, but his other effort, "Pete Kelly's Blues" is probably my favorite next to Dragnet. As Pete Kelly, Webb played a speakeasy musician in prohibition days who always wound up in situations requiring two-fisted hard-boiled solutions.

Todd Mason said...

Brian--I'm sorry to say, DRAGNET 1969 and to a large extent ADAM-12. The radio DRAGNET is rather good, and PETE KELLY'S BLUES the radio show and film are certainly less risible unintentionally than the DRAGNET revival.