Sunday, June 14, 2009

Robert E. Howard Days

The Brownwood Bulletin - Brownwood, TX > Archives > News > Robert E. Howard Days brings author’s fans into Cross Plains: "CROSS PLAINS “Hundred of literary fans are converging on Cross Plains this weekend for Robert E. Howard Days, the annual salute to the early 20th century novelist and poet who did most of his work in this Callahan County town.

Howard Days is a joint venture of Project Pride, the Robert E. Howard United Press Association and the Robert E. Howard Foundation.

“This year we’re trying something just a little different by theming Howard Days to ‘The Poetry of Robert E. Howard,’” Bill “Indy” Cavalier said on his Web site, “By way of celebrating the 2009 publication of ‘The Collected Poetry of Robert E. Howard’ from the REHF Press, we thought focusing on the wonderful poems of REH was a theme certainly worth doing, and long overdue at that. “We’ve invited Larry D. Thomas, the 2008 Poet Laureate of Texas, to be our guest of honor, and Donald Sidney-Fryer, an outstanding poet and authority on the Weird Tales poets, to be our special guest.”"

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