Saturday, June 28, 2008

Lew Shiner and the Fiction Liberation Front

I'll let Lew speak for himself: "Short fiction endures because it provides a way of introducing writers to new readers, and because there are stories that need to be told at that length.

"For all these reasons I've decided to open myself to this uncertain future. Starting now, I plan to make all my short fiction and articles available on the web, both in HTML for easy browsing and in typeset PDFs for those who might want to print them. The process of conversion will take a while, but I hope to get to everything eventually, including a number of previously unpublished pieces and even some unsold screenplays.

"I'll also be adding new short fiction, music reviews, and articles from time to time, though I won't guarantee that I won't also publish short pieces elsewhere. I'm launching the site with three previously unpublished stories ("Straws," "Fear Itself," and "Golfing Vietnam") plus a major story from 2004 ("Perfidia") that's had only limited circulation."

Hat tip to Lou Antonelli.


Rick Klaw said...
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Rick Klaw said...

I wrote an article and interviewed Lew about the FLF.

Anonymous said...

Let me get this straight, first, this writer has just discovered that the major market for short fiction dried up (he missed the memo that was sent out fifty years ago)....and second, he has decided that he needs a 'revolutionary' title and a 'manifesto' to declare that he is now....putting his stuff for which there is no market on the internet for free....uh, you mean, like, a website? Quite a visionary, Lew. Am I missing something?