Thursday, June 26, 2008

The Angry Red Planet


Fred Blosser said...

This was one of my favorites as a kid. I'd still rather watch it than those dull Mars movies from the '90s, RED PLANET and MISSION TO MARS, or for that matter another Ib Melchior Mars movie whose cult popularity I could never quite understand, ROBINSON CRUSOE ON MARS. Was the ad/clip intended to turn prospective viewers away from the movie? Endless endless boring shots of telescopes, guys in a control room, etc., before they get to the giant rat-spider and other goodies. One of the control room guys (0:35 mark) looks like Forrest Ackerman -- wonder if it was him? IMDB doesn't list him for ARP, but does note that he was in a later Ib Melchior flick, THE TIME TRAVELERS.

jjs said...

this to be the dopiest movie ever made with the goofiest special effects ever conceived. it was an lsd movie before anyone knew about lsd. and now i have to backpedal: arch obler's The Bubble was the dopiest movie ever made. that was actually made by people ON acid