Saturday, June 28, 2008

Here Come the Machines

Millions of books to choose from – yours will take only minutes to print - News, Books - The Independent: "Blackwell bookshop announced yesterday that it is to install an 'Espresso Book Machine' that will allow customers to print out a novel in just seven minutes.

The self-service machine, which will eventually be installed in 50 stores across the country, offers a choice of around one million titles. The fully-bound books are printed to library quality, including a front cover.

A more sophisticated version of the machine is smaller and prints books in just three minutes. The older version has already been installed in 11 sites worldwide and Blackwell hopes to eventually have the faster machine in its stores."


Anonymous said...

It doesn't say how much it will cost.


Cap'n Bob said...

My luck, I'd push the wrong button and end up with a romance novel.