Friday, June 27, 2008


Today Judy and I are heading over to Katy, Texas, for lunch with George Kelley, an occasional commenter here and a long-time member of DAPA-Em, the only apa devoted to crime and mystery fiction. George's lovely wife, Diane, will be joining us, too. They're from New York, but they're in town for the wedding of a relative. And to enjoy Houston's mild and temperate summer climate, too.

After lunch, Judy and I will hie ourselves all the way across Houston to the DoubleTree Hotel at George Bush Intercontinental Airport for the annual ApolloCon. I've posted my schedule
here, and if you're in town, drop by and say "hey."


Anonymous said...


*waves to George and Diane*

Have a great time.


Benjie said...

Have fun.

Cap'n Bob Napier said...

See if George has any hot stock tips while you're there. And tell him I said hey.

Gerard said...

"mild and temperate summer climate"

I'll share that one with my parents.

Bill Crider said...

George says, "Buy Oracle."

The climate is about as mild and temperate as you'd expect.

Todd Mason said...

So...what are the speculative fictions to read, and how can we live as writers?

Bill Crider said...

I suspect you know the answers to the first question, and as to the second: I have no idea. Should be an interesting panel.