Monday, May 05, 2008

Once Again, Texas . . . Wait a Minute

The 22-minute gap is not insignificant. I'm not sure this is fair.

At 107, Livermore lightbulb is still a real live wire - Los Angeles Times: "LIVERMORE, CALIF. -- Five years after his retirement, ex-firefighter Tom Bramell still likes to visit Station No. 6 for old times' sake, whistling in amazement at all the changes -- the strange faces and slick high-tech engines.

But one thing remains exactly the same, and it's what Bramell misses the most about his firefighting days. The sturdy little object hangs from the ceiling in the firehouse's engine bay, emitting its familiar faint orange glow.

He calls it the long-lived lightbulb of Livermore.

That's actually something of an understatement.

At 107 years and counting, the low-watt wonder with the curlicue carbon filament has been named the planet's longest continuously burning bulb by both Guinness World Records and Ripley's Believe It Or Not."
"In all, the bulb was out for 22 minutes -- a short period, the Ripley's folks say, that does not mar its continuous-use record.

There are doubters who question its pedigree, competitors who wait patiently for the light to flicker and die. There's Bud Kennedy, for example, a columnist for the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. Before Livermore's light was documented, the Texas bulb known as the Palace Theater Light was considered the world's oldest. It even received annual birthday wishes from radio host Paul Harvey."


Anonymous said...

An 18 minute gap, and now a 22 minute gap... I think Art Scott should weigh in on this issue.

George Kelley

Anonymous said...

I believe the gap occurred when they moved the bulb from the old firehouse downtown (now a bookstore/cafe) to Station 6. I consider its appearance on Mythbusters to be the definitive acknowledgement of our Bulb's supremacy.

Art Scott