Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Dr. No Takes to the Airwaves

Dark Forces Book Group: Dr. No on the Radio: "To commemorate the 100th anniversary of Ian Fleming's birth, on May 24th the BBC's Radio 4 will present an adaptation of Dr. No. In addition, they'll run a documentary titled Amis, Amis, and Bond featuring Martin Amis (bleh) discussing his father Kingsley Amis' obsessive' interest in Bond."


Fred Blosser said...

Marvelous! I hope the programs will play in the U.S. too. According to the BBC page, Dr. No will be voiced by our old PBS-Mystery friend David (Hercule Poirot) Suchet.

For my money, Kingsley Amis' COLONEL SUN is the best of the many Bond pastiches, although the villain himself was a letdown.

Amis' JAMES BOND DOSSIER was the gold standard for this kind of pop culture/literary study. It really should be back in print for Fleming's centenniary. My 1966 Signet paperback is well worn.

Unknown said...

I remember reading COLONEL SUN when it came out, but other than that, I don't recall much about it. I do still have my copy of the DOSSIER, though.