Thursday, May 08, 2008

Once Again, Texas Leads the Way

3 accused of using Humble corpse's head to smoke pot | - Houston Chronicle: "Two men and a juvenile are accused of digging up a corpse, decapitating the body and using the head to smoke marijuana, according to court documents.

Matthew Gonzalez and Kevin Jones have been charged with the misdemeanor offense of abuse of a corpse, said Scott Durfee, a spokesman for the Harris County District Attorneys Office.

According to documents filed in the case, Gonzalez, Jones and an unnamed juvenile on March 15 went to an Humble cemetery, dug up a man's grave, left with the head and turned it into a 'bong.'"


Anonymous said...

Saw this in the Chronicle and all but gagged. WTH were they thinking. Having never used a bong myself, I had to be reminded of how it works. To me, a skull (assuming complete decomp) has too many holes. Now, with some flesh on it, that's another story. But what gets me is this: was it for the thrill or could they seriously not find any other dirty bottle lying on the side of the road?

Unknown said...

It's Texas. What else can I say?

Joan Reeves said...

Now I don't have to worry about fixing lunch. Diet by disgust.