Friday, April 25, 2008


Barbara Fister has put the tag on me. The meme is this: Pick up the nearest book, turn to page 123, find the fifth sentence from the top of the page, and copy down the next three sentences. Since I'm sitting in MD Anderson while Judy enjoys a CT-Scan, the book nearest me is the one I brought to read, Jeffrey Ford's The Shadow Year. Here are the sentences:

"A terrible drunk. Once he drove his motorcycle through a plate-glass window and was hospitalized for three months."

I waited for her to go on, but she didn't.

Doesn't tell you much, does it? I'll have a review of the book here in a few days, and then you can find out what it's all about.

I'm too lazy to tag anyone else.


Doc Quatermass said...

"He stopped on a sort of platform below the floor level, and the strip of floor rose above them. The garage above was now empty of cars in case it should be searched.
There was a dim bulb down here, similar to the ones used in the corridors of the Skull's headquarters."

Secret Agent X: Servants of the Skull; Brant House

Bill Crider said...

You can't go wrong with a villain named the Skull.

Benjie said...

Somebody asked me about BANDERA PASS so I had it close at hand --

"It was late in the afternoon when the two Rangers rode back into Bandera. Both of them were tired after a day spent in the saddle. The day before, Whitaker and his men had been spotted by a farmer on the North Prong of the Medina."

Western action at its best.

Anonymous said...

If we somehow came up with proof tonight, there was time to rewrite the story. The meeting with the congressman would itself force some changes in details. His explanations would run as a separate story.

Death in the Past by Richard A. Moore

Jeff M.

Gerard said...

A donation sitting on my desk:

"Since he hadn't been raised by her, the letter was one of the only pieces of her Dayne would ever have. Ashley found it in the box of letters in her parents' closet and thought it was for Brooke, the only firstborn they'd known up to that point. Instead, Ashley read it and realized it was directed toward a son, a brother she'd never known."

I've said it before and I'll say it again, "Go Gusties!"

Barbara said...

Amazing. You don't have to lift a finger to tag anyone, and the lines just fall at your feet, oh powerful one. I will call you Skull Crider.

As for Gusties - wow, that's neat to hear. It was so gusty here last night there was snow on the ground this morning. No kidding.