Sunday, April 20, 2008

Croc Update (Stolen Brain Edition)

Or he could be following in the footsteps of Victor Frankenstein.

Sunday News: "POLICE in Hwange are on the look out for a suspect who killed a crocodile and removed its brains amid revelations that it could be used for poisoining unsuspecting individuals, it has been learnt.

The Hwange Colliery Company’s Risk and Control department which comprises the coal mining giant’s security personel has called upon residents to promptly report any cases of food poisoning or any person found in position of crocodile brains.
The crocodile was killed at a dam in Madumabisa compound and only its brains were found missing."


Doc Quatermass said...

Wasn't this a plot of the original Star Trek episode.

He's not dead, Jim. His brain is gone."

Doc Quatermass said...

If I can just get his brain, I can poison my enemies.

Doc Quatermass said...

This reminds me of the guy who cut off the young boys penises for the AIDS "Cure":