Thursday, April 24, 2008

My Profile Isn't Posted

iWon News - Paris Hilton talks about public search for new best friend: "LOS ANGELES (AP) - More than 85,000 people want to be Paris Hilton's best friend.

The 27-year-old is using the Internet to cast potential friends for her new reality show, 'Paris Hilton's My New BFF.' The MTV series, which begins production next month, will follow 20 contestants as they live together and vie for the chance to be Hilton's permanent plus-one.

Thousands of candidates have posted profiles and videos on in hopes of winning a spot on the show. Visitors to the site can vote for their favorites, and the top vote-getters will be added to the cast, producers said."

Hat tip to Jeff Meyerson.


Anonymous said...

I wish my very best to whoever wins this wonderful event. His or her life will be forever spiritually enriched and their mind will be opened to a new serenity and a higher level of functioning. I shall not be throwing my name into the ring because it is enough for me that I have lived to see Paris Hilton make this offer in the first place. I am aswoon with admiration and humility. For who could possibly fill the position of "Paris's best friend"? She is all self sufficiant, all complete, all in all. And yet she is deigning to pretend that she needs a friend. She is allowing someone, some mere human, to step behind the veil so to speak and see a being that has in fact achieved the full realization of Self that all the new religions promise. but all fall short. None can actually achieve what has been promised. But Miss Hilton, acting only as an agent of herself, has become the Fully Realized. The Completely Actualized. The Ultimate Operating Thetan. The Saint Uncannonized. For indeed; to cannonize her would be to guild the lilly. A sham ceremony unworthy of her achieved status. Do I envy the winner? No. In fact I feel some concern that the light will be so bright a fatal swoon will be the final result. But since we all must go, in the presence of Paris Hilton has to be a death most delightful and calming, and, may i say, completely logical. for what else would there be to live for hence?

Cap'n Bob said...

Not only that, jj, but the winner may get to make another sex video with her.

Fred Blosser said...

I want to see Bill, jj, and Cap'n Bob enter the contest and win.

Anonymous said...

dear mr. blosser: captain bob is a major critic of miss hilton, not a swooning admirer like the other two worthies. please: you're contaminating the playing field with heretics and apostates. that's not right.