Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Weird Tales Is Looking for the 85 Weirdest Writers

A tip of the Crider gimme cap to Rick Klaw over at the Dark Forces Book Group for the link.

WEIRD TALES: magazine of the gothic, fantastic & bizarre � Name the 85 Weirdest!: "2008 will mark the 85th anniversary of WEIRD TALES’s founding. We’ve got a bunch of plans in the works to celebrate — and WE NEED YOUR HELP with one big project in particular. In the March/April issue of the magazine, we’ll be featuring a list of the 85 WEIRDEST STORYTELLERS OF THE PAST 85 YEARS, and we want your suggestions!

We’re NOT just talking about WEIRD TALES authors, though they’re certainly eligible; no, we’re thinking bigger than that. Who do you think has made the weirdest fiction, the weirdest movies, the weirdest plays, the weirdest narrative art, the weirdest poems and songs, since 1923? That’s the list we’re after: the greatest talespinners of the weird, unearthly, and bizarre, working in every imaginable storytelling form and medium."


Anonymous said...

Kaptain Kangaroo told a tale once that I'm still having problems with, on about 6 different levels.

Victor Gischler said...

I have to think Emerson LaSalle will be on the list somewhere.

(By the way ... some intrepid person -- not me -- decided to put an Emerson LaSalle entry on wikipedia.)


Unknown said...

I'll have to look old Emerson up on the Wiki.

Anonymous said...

Well, among actual people, I'm just now listening to an archived interview with William Burroughs, who has just mentioned how as a young'n he'd been a consistent reader of WEIRD TALES, AMAZING STORIES and western pulps.

Unknown said...

He'd certainly be at home among the 85.