Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Murdaland #2

Murdaland has had only two issues, but it's already established itself as a fine literary crime magazine. The second issue begins with Scott Philips' "The Emerson, 1950," in which a crime photographer sees many terrible things. He's also dealing with his aunt and uncle who have, well, problems. Something's gotta give. That's followed by "Roachkiller," by R. Navaez. Just when he thinks he's out, they keep pulling him back in. "Roachkiller" is a first person story narrated mostly in the third person, a pretty clever trick. Next up is Harry Hunsicker's "Vivian and Bobby." A Dallas cop goes bad, and for a reason that's about as perverse as they come. You expect some raw sex in a Vicki Hendricks story, and "Sinny and the Prince: A Fairy Tale" doesn't disappoint. Sinny thinks she can get away with murder. And maybe she does.

There's more in the issue (you can see the Table of Contents here), but that's all I've read so far, all of it really good stuff. If you're not reading
Murdaland, you're missing some great stuff. Give it a try.


Anonymous said...

Really, though, the fat people with guns trope in cover illos can go.

Anonymous said...

I cringe at the cover model's gun safety violations.

Anonymous said...

Where do we buy it?


Anonymous said...

http://www.murdalandmagazine.com/ or those better Big Box bookstore newsstands one hears so much about.

The co-publisher, also on the staff of the THE WEEKLY STANDARD, got on JEOPARDY! some weeks back. Trebeck managed to conflate the two projects.