Monday, November 26, 2007

No Wonder Sylvester Always Had the Munchies

Yesterday’s news � Blog Archive � Wednesday, Nov. 26, 1969: Catnip high: "In at least one Twin Cities pet shop, it takes a note from his parents nowadays for a teen-ager to lay in any big supply of catnip.

Owners of other stores have taken to questioning their youthful customers closely about large-scale purchases.

They know the reason for the sudden popularity of catnip in the Twin Cities and nationwide – and it isn’t the one a young man gave the owner of a Hennepin Av. pet shop:

“I have,” he explained, “a GREAT, BIG cat.” The fact is, the kids are smoking the stuff, apparently in dubious pursuit of a low-budget thrill."


Anonymous said...

I smell another law that can get you imprisoned with ten-foot Yetis who delight in murder: owning catnip. "Step outa the car please. Oh, my, what's this that fell out onto the ground?...(sniff sniff)...Well well: catnip. you're goin' ta jail, son!" Yup, here it comes; another vegetable goes onto the voodoo list. Illegal Ownership of a Forbidden Plant just got another species added.

Anonymous said...

I've known a 12-step devotee who forbade his housemates from giving his cat nip, which (btw) the cat loved.