Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Gator Update (Eat Healthy Edition)

Gator Meat Deemed 'Really Healthy Food' - Health News Story - WESH Orlando: "CHRISTMAS, Fla. -- Gators have long been hunted as part of a sport.

Now people are hunting gator meat because it's good for the heart.

Most gators that end up on restaurant menus are not hunted; they are raised on farms.

A segment on the Today show highlighted the health benefits of alligator meat, saying it's better for you than chicken.

But that's hardly a secret to guys who have raised them for decades.

Edwin Froehlich Jr. said the little fat and high protein makes gator meat 'really healthy food.'

Gator has all the protein of beef and chicken, and more protein than fish."


Anonymous said...

One good thing about gators becoming so popular a food item that they become extinct: no more gator updates.

Unknown said...

See? There's always hope.

Anonymous said...

If Paris Hilton ever becomes interested in alligators, this blog is gonna go into hyperdrive.