Sunday, November 25, 2007

Conspiracy Fans, Rejoice

The Raw Story | Ex-Secret Service agent reveals Chicago JFK plot: "Abraham Bolden, a former Secret Service agent, tells CNN that he knew of a plot to assassinate John F. Kennedy in Chicago several weeks beforehand. Bolden is writing a book about the alleged plot titled 'The Echo from Dealey Plaza: The true story of the first African American on the White House Secret Service detail and his quest for justice after the assassination of JFK.'

According to CNN, the agent said that 'just before President Kennedy was to go to Chicago in early November 1963, the agency got an important tip. An employee of a boarding house had seen rifles with telescopic sites and an outline of Kennedy's motorcade route in a room rented by Cuban nationals.'"


Anonymous said...

If Kennedy was killed by the US Government, the Space Alien Galactic Empire, or wild ducks, it does not alter my life one smidgeon. So who cares.

Cap'n Bob said...

Did they really say "telescopic sites"?

Randy Johnson said...

One wonders, if this is true, why wait so long to reveal it? No wait, I forgot. A book is coming out. There is enough conspiracy nuts in the world to make it a best seller.