Sunday, November 11, 2007

Judy Collins and the Smothers Brothers

Last night, Judy and I went to Galveston to see Judy Collins and the Smothers Brothers perform in the Grand Opera House. As you can imagine there were lots of us oldsters in the audience.

We saw Judy Collins perform in Austin about 40 years ago. She doesn't look the same, nor do we, but as soon as she started to sing "Chelsea Morning," the years dropped away. It was like we were 25 again. She didn't do some of my favorites, but the ones she did lifted my spirits and even got me a little misty at times.

We'd never seen the Smothers Brothers in person, but they're so familiar from TV that it was as if two old friends had walked out on the stage, looking just the way they were supposed to look. They're still doing the same comic bits they did on the old records I have in my closet, and they're still funny. Still political, too. All they have to do is take their '60s political shtick and change the names.

I like Yo-Yo Man. Made me want to find my old Duncan and give it a workout.

All in all, a great evening. Worth every penny of the exorbitant ticket price, which isn't something I can say for every concert.


Jeff Meyerson said...

We saw the Smothers Brothers in Vegas 4 years ago and they were as you described. Still lots of fun, even if grayer, as are we all.

Bill Crider said...

Not as gray as Judy Collins, though.

TM said...

Even gray, Collins still better to look at than the Smotherses. But, that sounds like a very pleasant evening, indeed.

Bill Crider said...

Collins looks good in gray, as does Emmylou Harris.

jjs said...

dazejzDid Judy Collins do that thing she does while singing, she'll be standing there all normal and stuff and then from out of nowhere suddenly and with alarming violence snap her skull left and right maniacally so that her straight blond hair, hanging down the sides of her bang-browed countenance, slashes this way and that in front of her face in this kind of strident, "I am wondrously intransigent" sort of spectacle of Coiffure Freedom First: Human Freedom To Follow kind of banner-like, hairy-flag-like call to arms of the oppressed.....Oh, no, wait, that was Mary Travers. Never mind.