Sunday, October 07, 2007

Something for the Old Guys

You know you're old when . . . . Click here.

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Anonymous said...

bill, i had a real problem with this referral. i mean, i go to the site and there's this picture that looks like me, excpet a lot more pleasant. and i'm supposed to get scared at this. but i think it's cool to look like a troll. then theres the meager list of "you know you're old when" examples. i mean, one of 'em is, you know you're old when a good looking young blond buys you a drink and you find out she's your kids' summer camp councelor. like that would change anything. the only reason i wouldnt buy a drink for my kids' summer camp councelor is because she wouldnt be a good looking blond. she would be a very fat and ugly blond. and she wouldnt be in a bar that would let me in. and if they did let me in i wouldnt be in there two seconds before i realized i made a big whopping mistake. i think you know where i am going with this. nuff said. however you DO know you're getting old when you say things like "nuff said." nuff said.