Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Gator Update: Case Closed

Thanks to Ivan Shreve for the link.

Autopsy: woman died from alligator attack | SavannahNow.com: "An 83-year-old Canadian woman was attacked by an alligator and died as a result of those injuries, according to Savannah-Chatham Metropolitan Police.

That's based on an autopsy performed Tuesday, according to a statement released by police Tuesday afternoon. The statement said the victim died as a result of a blood loss from the attack.

The victim has been identified as Gwen Williams. She was housesitting for her daughter and son-in-law at a home in the Landings located about 500 feet from the lagoon where she was found.

Police and Department of Natural Resources officials are searching for the alligator, which is believed to be about 7 feet long. That length is based on the victim's wounds, according to Jim Simmons, Senior Biologist, DNR Game Management Wildlife Division."

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