Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Once Again, Texas Leads the Way

I spent many happy years in Brownwood.

Brownwood Bulletin: "An exhibit of “trench art” — decorative and practical objects created from military shell cases, bullets, grenades and projectiles — is coming to Brownwood.

Steve Blake, director of the Firearms Museum of Texas, said the exhibit will be housed in Gallery Two of the museum, located within the Brown County Museum of History downtown.

“This is part of our effort to show that the museum is not just about guns,” Blake said this week. “This will help broaden the museum’s appeal.”

The term “trench art” describes a wide range of objects created by combat soldiers, support troops and even civilian that share a unique feature, Blake said.

All use parts utilized by deadly weapons to create items of beauty. Shells, bullets and other items were crafted into things like lamps, ash trays and candlesticks featuring remarkable detail."


Cap'n Bob said...

In Nam we pissed into urinals made from artillery shell casings. I didn't know I was involved in performance art at the time.

Cap'n Bob said...

Let me clarify the above. It wasn't the brass casing of the shell, but the pipe the shell came in.

Unknown said...

Hey, they may have something you used!