Sunday, October 07, 2007

Once Again, Texas Leads the Way

HPD: Stinky feet led to man's fatal stabbing | - Houston Chronicle: "A man allegedly stabbed his roommate to death Saturday night during a drunken argument over smelly feet, Houston police said.

The two men shared a 10-foot-square bedroom at the Magnolia Cove Apartment Homes in the 100 block of Goodson, said Sgt. M. Sosa of the homicide squad.

They subleased the bedroom from a married couple, who also lived in the apartment, Sosa said.

On Saturday night, the woman was sitting outside with her newborn baby while the two roommates drank together inside, he said. The woman's husband was not home at the time.

At some point, an argument broke out over one of the men's 'stinky feet,' Sosa said. It wasn't clear which one of the men's feet allegedly emitted the offensive odor, but the bedroom they shared 'does smell,' he said."


Anonymous said...

i cant believe this item has been up this long and there's no comments on it. i could do 5,000 words on this

Unknown said...

A short story, for sure.