Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Once Again, Texas Leads the Way

TxDOT knows where you went and wants the why | - Houston Chronicle: "AUSTIN — Did you drive on Interstate 35 in early September? Where were you going, and why? How many people were in the car with you? And by the way, how many people live in your house?

The Texas Department of Transportation wants to know, and a company it hired may have videotaped your license plate, then sent you a survey to find out.

The survey is being done in the name of sound transportation planning. Officials say the method has been used before in Texas and elsewhere. But it has some feeling uncomfortable, and others crying, 'Big Brother.'"


Anonymous said...

I love it; people get all bent outa shape when the government wants to do something totally inoccuous, but every April 15th they sigh with happy relief once that tax return goes into the mail, and they get a fine proud feeling.

Unknown said...

Not me.

Sal Costello said...

TxDOT, eager to Toll Tax Texas interstate I-35, begins to track, trace, and poll I-35 drivers.

Think Hutchison's bill stops TxDOT from tolling I-35? Think again. There is a loophole that allows TxDOT to use our gas tax dollars to build new toll lanes. That's a Double Tax.

Learn more here about the rogue agency we call TxDOT:

Anonymous said...

double tax? like one's ok?