Thursday, October 11, 2007

Gator Update (Romance Edition)

You'll have to read the whole article to get the romantic "life sentence" angle.

Pa. ‘Alligator Man’ gets ‘Life Sentence’ - Herald-Mail News for Hagerstown, Washington County Maryland, Pennsylvania and West Virginia: "Stephens, 21, of 418 E. King St., was sentenced by Walker just before lunch to one to seven years in state prison and three years of probation on three counts of felony retail theft. Right after lunch, Walker hitched Stephens and Newman.

“Mr. Stephens, you’re the alligator man, aren’t you?” Walker asked as the sentencing hearing started. “What were you going to do when it grew up?”

“Eat it,” Stephens replied, explaining that he planned to grow the 15-inch reptile before turning it into a meal.

Assistant Public Defender Ian Brink broke in to say that his client told him that he let the alligator go before leaving The Pet Store, 1710 Lincoln Way East, in April. A store security video showed a man slipping the gator into his pants, but the animal was never seen again, according to court records.

“That gator done come back and bit you, because you’re going to jail,” Walker said."

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