Monday, May 21, 2007

New ePulp: Evil Monkeys Wanted

Here are the rough guidelines for submission to Astonishing Adventures! []

Submissions Guidelines for Astonishing Adventures Magazine

We at AAM love the old pulps like the Shadow, the Spider, the Operator, Doc Savage, and any of the hundreds of other characters you could name. This was the main reason we started Astonishing in the first place, but we have other reasons in mind also.

We want to see what the thriving pulp community out there has to say and what they have to show us.AAM is looking for new fiction based on original pulp-styled characters. The word count can be anything under 3500, but we are open to review anything with a higher word count. Query us first before sending material.

AAM is also looking for articles, columns, and artwork related to the pulp world - just ask!

The bad news is that we aren't paying one red cent at this time. Sorry kids, we’re a small magazine with big hopes, but little pocketbooks beyond the expenses of the magazine.

The magazine will be a quarterly affair at this point with a web only distribution (in PDF form). The experimental part is that we will not be charging for the magazine.

Insane you say? Mad?

Well, we’re looking to generate income for the writers thanks to advertising eventually.

Please give us a try and we look forward to reading your ASTONISHING ADVENTURES!

PS: Send stories with monkeys! I love monkeys – evil monkeys are the best. Evil monkeys with Human brains are the E-ticket.


Editor-In-Chief (don't call me chief)


Tim Gallagher

Astonishing Adventures Magazine

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John said...

Thanks a whole bunch for the posting of our submissions policy!

Editor monkey

Bill Crider said...

You're welcome, John. I hope you get a lot of evil monkey stories.