Saturday, May 26, 2007

Laura Gets the Title Almost Right

And she really ought to read Blood Marks.

Criminal Brief: The Mystery Short Story Web Log Project: "For Laura Lippman, a current best-selling novelist who’s also been known to write as many as six short-stories in a single year, the many original-anthology volumes being done by such publishers as Akashic are a great place to discover not only “terrific new voices” but also to find out “new things about writers that you thought you knew.” As a for-instance of the latter, she cites author Bill Crider: “He’s been on the scene for a long time; and … I think people would say, ‘Oh, Bill Crider, he’s this nice man from Texas, and he writes these very – nice books’; but if you read Bill’s story – I think it’s ‘Crank,’ in Damn Near Dead [Busted Flush Press, 2006] – you’d be surprised!”"

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