Monday, May 21, 2007

Alvin Makes Court TV!

Well, the blog, at any rate. Check out the video, and check out the blog because they give this blog a great plug.

Court TV's Informer: You've Got to Moove It, Moove It!: "Alvin, Texas: You know those pick-your-own strawberry and pumpkin patches? Well in this Court TV RED video, you'll see how a robbery suspect's attempted getaway almost turned a cattle ranch into a make-your-own burger joint.

Watch this amazing pick-up plowing through the pasture vid right now, right here. Ya know, when cows put the hoof to the metal they are surprisingly speedy. Is this how they make lean beef?"


Jeff Meyerson said...

"We're sorry, that clip was unavilable."


Bill Crider said...

Bummer indeed. I hope I put up the right link.

Bill Crider said...

If I click on the Court TV RED video link, it comes right up.