Friday, December 22, 2006

Will the Persecution Never End?

E Canada Now - Breaking News » Paris Hilton Taking Acting Classes

Earlier this week, Paris was branded a dumb blonde by Joan Rivers.

The sharp-tongued comedienne wrote a letter to her university alumni appealing for donations to her old sorority and bitchily used Paris and fellow blonde Jessica Simpson as examples of stupid young women.

According to reports, Joan wrote to Barnard alumni: “We must support women who have a sense of confidence and self-worth.

“Where have all the smart girls gone? That is a hard question to answer in an age where Jessica Simpson and Paris Hilton pass as intellectuals.”

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Brent McKee said...

Has anyone, anywhere ever tried to pass Paris Hilton off as an "intellectual"? Even her mother? Cause I'm pretty sure no one has ever tried that with Jessica Simpson.

For that matter I'm shocked and amazed to find that Joan Rivers not only attended Barnard but actually graduated.

Unknown said...

And that was before grade inflation!