Friday, December 22, 2006

Janes in Jail [Not Starring Sybil Danning]

Mugshots at this link.
SEVIER COUNTY (WATE) -- A former inmate at the Sevier County Jail says she was brutally assaulted by five other inmates.

Sheriff's officials say Megan Hudson, Vandy Morin, Krystal Kawalski, Michelle May Gunter and Kandi Lee Arwood assaulted a woman inside the cell they were sharing.

The victim says she was sleeping on a mat on the floor of the overcrowded jail when the five women sexually assaulted her.

"I'm freaking out. I don't know what's going on. I'm trying to fight, scream, I couldn't because I'm gagged, trying to get loose," the alleged victim says. She was serving a 40 day sentence for shoplifting. That's a misdemeanor crime. "I was there to pay my debt to society. For someone to take it upon theirself to hurt me, physically hurt me, scar me for the rest of my life...I'll never get over this or forget it."

The five women have now been separated. All are charged with rape. But sheriff's officials say they do not believe the assault was sexual in nature. They say the women thought the victim was hiding drugs on her body. They wanted the drugs.


Anonymous said...

No Linda Blair either?

Anonymous said...

Am I naive, or deluded, or does 40 days seem like a stiff sentence for shop lifting?

Unknown said...

Maybe she had some priors.

Anonymous said...

The rape equivalent of the Twinkie defense..."I was just looking for my keys." But this is an example of junkie logic.

Anonymous said...

Anyone get a look at the mug shots on the 5 women that did it? Looks like Sevier county's version of Deliverance.